Efek Garis/Sketsa

Outline Sketch Effect

In this tutorial I want to show you one very interesting way how to create text by using outline sketch effect. It can be done within a few minutes in Photoshop.

First of all, create a new document in Photoshop. I created document sized 1000×500 pixels with all the default settings, RGB, 72 dpi. Then fill it with color of #d7c7a8.

Outline Sketch Effect 01

Then I would like to add some text to demonstrate effect on it. Get out the Horizontal Type Tool and write out your text on the middle of canvas, for example ‘Draft’ in whatever color you want.

Outline Sketch Effect 02

In the above image I’ve used font called Hall Fetica (350 pt, Sharp), which is free. You can download this font from here: http://www.fontcubes.com/Hall-Fetica.font. After that set up fill opacity of text layer to 0% and apply Bevel and Emboss layer style to it.

Outline Sketch Effect 03

Outline Sketch Effect 04

Duplicate current layer with Ctrl+J and move it 5 pixels up and left. Go to Bevel and Emboss layer style options and change the shading angle and altitude to the similar which you can see on the picture below:

Outline Sketch Effect 05

The result should be the same as mine:

Outline Sketch Effect 06

We are done with text, now we need to add more guide lines to demonstrate outline sketch effect. At first I would like to add only vertical lines. Select the Line Tool (Weight: 1px) and add different length lines with black color:

Outline Sketch Effect 07

Then merge all of it into the one layer and apply Filter > Blur > Motion Blur with next presets:

Outline Sketch Effect 08

Now you should have something like this:

Outline Sketch Effect 09

Then create a new layer and add horizontal lines with Line Tool (Weight: 1px) on the same way:

Outline Sketch Effect 10

Merge all horizontal lines into the one layer again and apply Filter > Blur > Motion Blur with similar settings to these:

Outline Sketch Effect 11

The result should be next:

Outline Sketch Effect 12

Ok, now merge all layers together and apply Filter > Brush Strokes > Spatter.

Outline Sketch Effect 13

Now you can see the difference after using this filter:

Outline Sketch Effect 14

Apply another one Filter > Texture > Texturizer:

Outline Sketch Effect 15

The result should be next:

Outline Sketch Effect 16

And the last one filter that we have to apply is Filter > Noise > Add Noise:

Outline Sketch Effect 17

Outline Sketch Effect 18

That’s it for now! We got very nice and pretty simple outline sketch text effect, thanks for taking the time to read it!

Outline Sketch Effect 19

Kunjungi Situs Aslinya

Maaf yah kalo pake bahasa inggris soalnya cuma copas, heehee..

Bagi teman – teman yang kurang jelas mengenai penjelasan di atas silakan bertanya.

Mungking Artikel – atrikel selanjutnya akan saya artikan ke bahasa indonesia, tapi untuk sementara saya menyediakan apa adanya dulu sesuai dari situs aslinya ( copy paste 🙂 ).


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